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New add to the RAA supplement line.  Always take care of the guy that has your 6, and for most of us wether it's with love or protection that person is our pet. So you need to have his or hers.  These new beef flavored bites are perfect for Anxiety relief, Pain aid and joint support for your best friend!  Bottle contains 30 bites.


We proudly source estate grown hemp from certified farms in the USA. Our farmers only use phytocannabinoid rich seed strains and organic farming methods. The non-GMO crop is gently extracted to remove all traces of THC and from this base we add our proprietary terpenes. 

Recommended Usage for Dogs:

Under 10lbs .1/2 Chews Daily 

Over 10lbs 1-2 Chews Daily 

For Sick & Convalescing Dogs:

Under 10lbs .1 Chew Daily

Over 10lbs 2 Chews Daily

This product is intended for intermittent or supplemental feeding only.