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Live Concert at Rogue American, be apart of this kick ass event!  Get your tickets today!

Come listen to some kick as tunes at RAA HQ!  One night only at the Rogue American Apparel compound you can come check out the shop and enjoy an incredible concert. The concert will take place on September 7th 2019 starting at 7 pm.  Bring your folding chair and buy your tickets early as space is limited.  It will be a great night highlighted by some amazing music.  Don't miss this great opportunity.

Dom Cours is a raw southern singer songwriter whose music resonates with the soulful Texas Hill Country. You can see he is burning the right kind of fuel when your foot starts tapping to the rhythm of his heartfelt original compositions.

Taking the soul searching long road with some hefty detours, Dom has arrived to his life long passion - music. After eight years as a U.S. Army Infantryman, three years of combat in Iraq, followed by raising his daughter as a single parent - the stories woven in his original song lyrics resonate for many. And, Dom is well on his way to completing his bachelor’s degree at the world’s most prestigious music school, Berklee School of Music.


Country music and Texas blues are the keystone to his musical style. Local boy raised in the back wood pines of Bastrop County, with Austin just a stones throw away, Dom’s sound is swampy and full of grit and driving rhythms. He makes use of multiple instruments to fill the set with layers of sounds and textures; the drive of a lead guitar, the slide against the strings of a dobro, crystal clean sounds of the acoustic guitar, deep rumble of a low tuned baritone and held together by the rhythm of an antique alligator-skin suitcase drum. As venues require, a support band is an option too.


Dom’s self-titled and fully original album explores the gray area round the hero, villain, and the heartbroken.