"Put Patches Anywhere" Kit

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Using a kit called PUT PATCHES ANYWHERE, you can finally... put patches anywhere. Pretty self descriptive. Easy to understand. Popular with military, LE, collectors and patch enthusiasts like yourself. Share your collection on any clothing or metallic object (also look at the Magnetic Patches For Metal).



  • The kit uses the patented Magnetic Velcro® brand fasteners to attach rare-earth magnets to the hook side of Velcro® backed patches. Each kit comes with two sets of magnetic fasteners and a section of US made loop Velcro® to use as a backer. One kit will convert two small patches or one large one. 


VELCRO® is a registered trademark of Velcro USA. 


*As with all our products, this kit is covered by our lifetime guarantee and offered with our 120 day risk free "drive test" trial period.