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What is an RAA TRIBE member..  When you become a member, you become part of the RAA Tribe. You stand with us Shield to Shield and become part of the brand.  Not only will you get all of the great exclusive items below, you become part of something bigger.

For the first time ever, we are opening up an exclusive RAA VIP MEMBERSHIP. What is it? This is an exclusive membership, with limited memberships. What do you get as a member? This limited edition coin, an exclusive Tee Shirt that only VIP members get. This membership also give its members the exclusive deals for life time.  On top of that, each new member will get a 10 minute phone call, or zoom the Founder and CEO Wes Whitlock.  You will be able to ask him questions and get valuable information on business tips, fitness tips, private and government protection work, or anything you would like to discuss one on one.

Our VIP members are the ones who have been some of the greatest supporters and stood with us over the years.  RAA has always been more than another logo.. We are a brand for those who Stand For Something. Over the years we have donated over $100,000 to wonderful foundations (see about page) We have helped with home builds to our fallen, we have helped with schoolhouse projects, we run a gym here in Austin that have held hero WOD fundraisers. This gym is also FREE to all Veterans, Military, LEO and our great supporters.  YOU are also part of that!  You being a VIP member strengthens us and our charge forward to continue building, growing and doing more not only as a small business but one able to do more for our communities as we grow..  The core of what its all about.  You will become part of our phalanx and fabric.  The funds raised will be used to continue growing our business, hiring more people, expanding inventory, and expanding operations.

We are honored to have you on the Team as we become stronger together.

Welcome to the RAA Tribe.  I look forward to talking to you and welcoming you

 CEO/FOUNDER Wes Whitlock