RAA's Grand Opening Event

Official Grand Opening of RogueAmerican Apparel

In the hot Texas heat on Saturday July 1, there was a calling to all American Savages to come out to the RogueAmerican Apparel Headquarters for their official Grand Opening. Owner and CEO Wes Whitlock brought in the big guns for this event with CrossFit athletes Kristen Graham and Mena Bonfiglio and friend and Pro Strongman Competitor Robert Oberst, this was sure to be an event for the books. 

Lines formed around the Invader Coffee table where you could not miss the aroma of fresh brewed Texas Coffee. It was the perfect place to launch the new Invader Woman Blend. The medium to dark roast was a huge hit this weekend and the launch of the Cold Heart Cold Brew Coffee was extremely popular. If you haven’t had the chance to try these new blends you are missing out.

Infamous Brewery came by with the new Invader Stout. It wouldn’t be a RogueAmerican event without all the beer. Everyone was talking about the Stout. It was refreshing to say the least on that hot Texas afternoon. Saturday’s barbeque was compliments of Grill Your Ass Off. The Bacon and Brisket were served up with their very own blend of spices. Mouth-watering!

Friends and supporters flew in from all over the country. Friend and long time supporter Bert Sorin spoke of his friendship with Whitlock and the loyalty and support they have had for each other over the years. Robert Oberst followed with a talk about his brother’s service as an army veteran and how refreshing it was to speak to those who came out to the event. 22KILL was out there as a portion of the proceeds will benefit the organization. They came out and said a few words about what they do and had a tent available for supporters. Speeches were closed out when Kristen Graham opened up the onsite gym, Iron Savage Barbell. After meeting with those who came out and how much they loved what Whitlock has built she decided it would be a better idea to have everyone throw down in true RAA fashion with the support of the shield, friends and family.

The workout portion of the day kicked off with the Conan Wheel. After a few rounds of light weight to warm up, the good times rolled out. Bodies were stacked onto the Conan Wheel and were carried around and around. The highlight was when Zach Ruhl said to Oberst “I need you to be my legs” so he could carry the Conan Wheel for the first time. Oberst responded “I’m fucking down”. Oberst lifted Ruhl and they went for it. The crowd erupted as they carried out the task. Pure savagery!

After the excitement everyone spread out and crushed weights, crushed their old PR’s and cheered and supported each other sharing belts and wraps and equipment. If there is one thing Rogue American knows how to do, it is how to draw people into the family.

RogueAmerican Apparel touches the hearts of so many and this event made it prevalent that this brand is strong and loyal and “Stands for Something.”