Wes Whitlock

About Rogue American

Mission Statement

To be the leading brand of high end, fashionable apparel recognized by the elite Military, High Threat Security Professionals, Law Enforcement and Extreme Sports communities.

Wes Whitlock, Rogue American Founder and CEO

At the heart of it all is founder and CEO Wes Whitlock, whose biography is as extensive and diverse as his businesses. Wes founded RAA in 2011 in Austin, Texas where he currently resides, operates his 3 businesses, maintains both a storefront and gym (free to all military, LEO, and veterans), and runs his podcast “Going Rogue with Wes Whitlock.”

Wes Whitlock's timeline of events

Rogue American's Story

Wes has traveled the world extensively and his experiences have proven to be invaluable.  Much of his life was spent abroad working in Spain, Yemen, Israel, Afghanistan, Iraq, Japan, Korea, South Africa, Italy, Netherlands and Germany. However, he remains partial to Italy and calls it his second home.

Since 2011, Wes has invested tremendous sweat equity into all his endeavors and continues to operate with no investors or partners.

People often ask, “What is Rogue American about?”

 This is Rogue American in Wes’s own words:

I wanted a brand that combined all the things I valued, loved, and experienced in life; a brand that allowed me to create unique designs that resonated with both my past and present, my philosophy, and my mindset.  My brand is deeply rooted to my time as a kid who loved Skateboards, music, muscle cars, working hard, military, history, art, lifting weights, shooting guns, and entrepreneurship.

I wanted to cultivate and create a brand of substance and value; one that was more than just a LOGO or basement eCommerce business and one that made people feel powerful. A brand for those who stay prepared through training a strong mind, body and spirit. For those who do not accept being strangled by hardships that are inevitable in life. For those who steer clear of the herds and are not afraid to fail. For those who stand in the grit, the pit, the arena of life…not for those in the comfortable seats of the Colosseum who choose to point, shout, and throw stones from a safe distance.

RAA is for the underdog, the fighter in life who walks their own path. A brand that STANDS FOR SOMETHING. RAA is for those who have NO INTENTION of accepting the terms set by OTHERS. For those who are too strong to accept the clutches of mediocrity. For those driven by discipline, HARD WORK, and dedication to their goals and desires.

This is a brand that reminds you of your purpose and responsibility to pick up the shield you dropped, whether it became too heavy, or you felt you were no longer "purposeful". I wanted this brand to be a reminder that this life is short and that every single day you have a responsibility to those you love. You are not at the mercy of your past; you are responsible for the now and you need to keep building until death. You do not have the CONVENIENCE of dropping your shield. You are part of a Phalanx to your community, team, tribe, and family. The legacy you will leave behind is fueled by your actions today and it will resonate with those you will never know. It is a responsibility and great purpose to remember we are blessed to experience each day and we simply do not have the luxury to fail the things in life that need us. Plant the seeds now to feed those who will be impacted by your legacy.

“Society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.” - Unknown

RAA represents mindset, creed, honor, courage, family, giving, growing, discipline and standing shield to shield with my community. A community of those who hold these same standards and possess this mindset…going against the grain and standing for what is RIGHT. I wanted to have the highest quality gear on the market that stood apart from the rest and that is the reason for the name ROGUE AMERICAN. Our designs are directly inspired by the laws and history of past warrior cultures. I am heavily influenced and inspired by my travels, work, and studies around the world. I chose the Lambda (Spartan Shield) as our logo. I felt its meaning encompasses all the principles of what this brand is about.

I started Rogue American in the spare room of my house when I had a six figure Executive Protection job that I worked hard to get. I walked away from the safety and security of full benefits and retirement and to this day have no investors or partners. We are a small, Texas-based business who believes in freedom and the American Spirit and it has been an honor to meet thousands of people from around the world who feel the same way and who engage with the movement of RAA.

I personally want to thank EVERYONE who stands with us, shield to shield in this UNBREAKABLE phalanx.

Strong Regards,

FOUNDER/CEO Wes Whitlock