Heathen Beard Oil, Beard Grooming Oil
Heathen Life beard oil

Heathen Life beard oil

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Keep your beard silky-smooth all day long with our new Heathen Life beard oil.  No flowery smelling oil for all you Heathens out there!  But just because you are living the Heathen life doesn't mean your beard can't look bad ass.  Just one dropper-full of this aromatic savage serum will moisturize, protect, and shine your facial hair to perfection without weighing it down or smelling like a hipster.  WARNING:  May cause women to want to use your face for things other than looking at it, which may lead to neck pain, sprained tongue and cracked lips.  But your a Heathen so man the fuck up an deal with it!


Made in America with No chemicals or dye-agents. Just pure goodness. 

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